Search engine friendly pages (Coming Soon)

We are working on changing the way that site menus work so that each page can have a search engine friendly name rather than page.php?id=X. There will also be a facility to produce static pages for those who are paranoid about search engines.

Bulk import (Coming Soon)

This facility will allow web masters to download a formatted spreadsheet into which they can enter details of content where there are hundreds of records. These can then be imported into the correct categories in one go.

Online forms (Complete)

form2list now includes a facility to create feedback forms. All forms can be created online and applied to any part of a page. Answers to questions can either be emailed to a specified address, saved in a database or both.

Click here to see the form in action

Newsletters (Coming Soon)

The newsletter facility will enable users to create newsletters online (using a pre designed template) and send them to groups of recipients. The recipients will be managed and maintained from within form2list.

Banner Advertising (Complete)

Host banner adverts on your site. Advertisers can either sponsor a page so that their banner will always appear on that page or they can choose to have their banner selected randomly on every page.

Secure pages (Complete)

Any page within the site can now be secured by either requiring a password or by using SSL (business packages only).

Alternate row layouts (Complete)

form2list now allows alternate row layouts in lists. When a template is edited or created an alternative style can be specified. For lists of more than one item, the even numbered rows use the alternative style. (See the Reader Offers site)