Feature Highlights

Contact Forms

Add email contact forms to your web site. Set up the fields, specify the type of control (text box, multi line text box, list or radio buttons) and whether the field is required before the form is submitted. Then select to send the results to an email address or store in a table or both. Add any number of forms to your pages.

Dynamic Menus

Build your site menu by adding pages from your site. Include expanding menus in your navigation. Add links to external sites or files too.


Control the display of adverts on your pages. Specify whether the ads are to be displayed at random or whether there are a fixed number on a page. Even link a specific advert to a specific content item.

Password Protection

Password protect pages simply by ticking a box. Users will then be redirected to a login page where they will have to enter a user name and password before being returned to the requested page.

Time limited content

As well as being able to publish content by ticking a box, you can set a display from and display to date for content. This avoids embarrassing out of date content on your site but also allows you to set up pages in advance, knowing that nothing will be displayed until the date you specify.

Browser based editing

Any part of your web site can be edited simply by opening up an Internet browser and logging in. This means you can update your site from anywhere that has an Internet connection. No need to remember to do something when you get back to the office. You can do it there and then.

Multiple layouts

When displaying lists of content you can specify an unlimited number of different layouts for the list. For example you can set the first item to use one layout, the next two to use a different one and from the fourth items onwards a third layout. This means that you can create very complex page layouts.

Expired content

Although content on your site will never display beyond the date you specify, you can also dictate what happens to it once this date is reached. For example you might have an archive section that this content is automatically moved to once the display to date is reached.

Uploading of files

Upload files and images to your site and link them to content or use them in the main page layout. Thumbnails of images can automatically be created on upload. View and search for all images and files on the site and quickly swap an image or file.

In-Page editing

When adding or editing content the page is displayed exactly as it appears on the site with the addition of add or edit links. This means you can very quickly find the item to edit by going straight to the page it appears on.

WYSIWYG editing

When editing content, you can use a wysiwyg editor to format your text. However we keep this to a minimum as we want form2list to have the same feature set in any browser. That said we are always working on extending this feature set.